Monday, January 21, 2008

Cure for cabin fever.

I have the cure for it. Ride outside. It's not that cold. Snow too deep? Nope! Not for a 29er. I rode my super plush Mamasita today. Took a slightly different route today. Made a wrong turn and ended up getting 25 miles instead of 20. Had the head wind coming home which wasn't the original plan.

Took the insoles out of my shoes which made room for thicker socks and the toes warmers together. Wore neoprene booties too and only the right foot started getting cold by the time I made it home. Nothing uncomfortable though. It was mainly due to a slightly too tight sock. I will be searching for some nice new Fox River Mills socks this week. They are a perfect fit for my bum foot.

Get out and ride people. It's not that cold. I did have a great ride at the House of Pain Sunday afternoon but outside is still my fav.


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