Sunday, January 13, 2008

My off road rides......

Here you have my Salsa Mamasita and my new El Mariachi. this is the last time you will see the El Mariachi in this form. I have removed all of the shifting parts and this baby is single speed only now. Rides like a dream too. Not as light or compliant as the Mamasita but for a steel frame I don't think you can beat it. Especially for the money. This one is used but it perfect working order. With the plans I have for the bike I couldn't justify buying a new one.

So, the Sram X-9 shifter, derailier and cassette have all been moved over to the Mamasita and she is shifting like a dream. This Sram stuff is awesome! I will have a nice 29er wheelset for sale soon if anyone is interested. It will be the Shimano XT disc hubs laced to Salsa Delgado disc 29er rims. A nice durable set of wheels that will hold up to everyday abuse and still light enough to do some racing. But, I have two sets of these wheels so one set will have to go.

That's all for the tech talk. We should talk more about this great framed picture I found this weekend at a consignment store. I think it was $8. It is just perfect for me. just looking at these guys racing gets me in that competitive mood that makes me train harder. I mostly ride by myself this time of year so I need "racing" thoughts in my head.

All for now. Have a nice night.

Captain Bob

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Guitar Ted said...


That wheel set should go to C. Dean. He needs that. Just so you know.