Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The good ole days......

I sure wish I still had this car. The one pictured is a 1964 and mine was a 1965. Not much difference though. I bought it around 1992 and it was partially restored. I drove it a while and fixed a few things but had to unload it a few years later. I needed the cash. Sure wish I was smarter back then. Never would have sold it. Oh well, at least I found this Hot Wheel. I will have to satisfy my desire to get another one.

Happy New Year!



bluecolnago said...

carly simon says "these are the good ole' days..."

i know how you feel about the ford. i had 2 55 chevy 2 doors and a 56 chevy half ton and didn't keep any of them. oh how i wish i still had them. it's all good!

Guitar Ted said...

Okay, car nostalgia time here: Mine was a '65 Chevelle. I burnt up the Muncie Rock Crusher tranny in it and had to sell it.

But really, who am I kidding? That car was a death trap.....a suicide rap, (musical referance for Blue!) and in reality what I would want is a Chip Foose redo of my old rig.

Now THAT would be something to have!

Travel Gravel said...

Cap'n, If anyone is crying over old cars it's me! First car, 63 Beetle, bought from an old farmer. Totally cherry! Pulled it out of a barn, charged the battery, and off I went. Sold it one year to pay my taxes, what a world, what a world! Later!

Captain Bob said...

Sweet rides guys. I should name a few other cars I have owned. They were cool too but I just don't have their Hot Wheel.

1966 Ford Galexy
1969 Ford Galexy
1965 Buick Special
1969 Dodge Dart GT

I can't think of any others right now but there may be more.

B I D W E L L said...

And to think our 67 Buick Skylark Convertible w/ a 340 4bbl still gets better gas mileage than our newer cars. Geesh.. Must be a conspiracy. Thinking back the only other "old cars" worth mentioning would be a 75 Camaro I had done, An 84 Capri 5.0 w/ the bubble glass in back, and definitely my 82 Toyota SR5 p-up/ rust bucket... I have got lots of Hot Wheels though ;)