Monday, January 14, 2008

Mamasita gets a new bar.

Just what I needed to compliment the smooth ride of my sweetest ride. This carbon bar has a little more give than a normal carbon bar. Not so much to call it flex though. It's way more comfortable than the old aluminum bar, which was a Salsa Moto Ace.

Got in around 14 miles of gravel riding on Sunday. Was a little breezy so I headed into the wind for about four miles and then headed South to Readlyn where I had to pick up my truck from the repair shop. The tail wind was nice. I was riding one of G-Ted's test rigs with a non gravel road friendly gearing so the ride lasted longer than expected. If I was heading up a hill the whole way the gear would have been great. A good camp gear. It was a good little ride though.



bluecolnago said...

bar? not sure i've ever been to a bar.

good on ya, cap'n!

Captain Bob said...

good one blue. that's funny