Thursday, April 17, 2008

gotta wear shades......

Decided to try something I have been thinking about for a while. Every morning I admire the sunrise during my drive to work. I notice the colors of the sky and the ground and watch it change before my eyes all within minutes. It is truly amazing. Often times we rush to work in the morning and some people I talk to don't even know if the sun is up or not.

I am somewhat of a self proclaimed camera buff. I mainly just love colors and how I can capture the contrast of the light shining on buildings or other structures. Maybe that's wierd but I like it. I like how an old rough old run down barn or warehouse can take on a soft elegant almost tender look when the sunlight hits it.
Ok. I will quit boring you with this softer side of the capt'n and get to what this post is about. Exposure. What is esposure? Well, too complicated for me to put in this post and sometimes I wonder if I even get it. But, the test I did the other morning will be something many of you can easily try. Just remember to turn you flash the to "off" or "surpressed" position. The sunrise in these next two photos were taken within 30 seconds of each other. Camera was set to the "Auto" setting and the flash was in the off setting. That also looks like the lighting bolt inside of a circle with a line through it. Sort of like a no u-turn sign.

I shot piture #2 through the lens of my sunglasses. That is the only difference. The camera of course change it's shutter speed but that is about it. A nice effect I think. Give the landscape more definition and also keeps the bright sun in tact. I like it. This effect is also gives you about the same effect as if you lowered your exposure comp.

Give it a try somtime. You may have some fun. Oh, and don't forget to ride your bike!

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Travel Gravel said...

Captain, That is such a low-tech trick it's even better than a fancy polarized filter, I love it and would never have thought of it! I had a few semesters of photo in college and did a sunset series on slides. While taking some shots in the cemetary a cop tried kick me out because I was "on cemetary grounds after sunset!" It took him a minute to follow the thought that the sun hadn't set yet if I was taking pictures of it doing so...Bad cop, no donut! Later!