Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gravel ride to Finchford

Made it out for a nice ride over the Finchford tonight with Kat, Mike Johnson and Chris Congdon. Temps were nice and the wind wasn't too bad. I think Mike said we got in around 25 or so miles. We headed North out of Cedar Falls on our way to Finchford. We needed to put fliers in the mailboxes of the residents of Finchford and the homes on the race course. This was in preparation for next weekends Finchford Roubioux.

It was good to ride with old friends again. Chris and Mike have always been so committed to the weekly rides. I don't know Kat very well but she sure does seem swell. She is fast too! The best part about the ride for me, besides hanging out with great folks, was the workout. I ride by myself so often that it is really difficult to gauge you fitness. I felt pretty strong throughout the ride. I mean we weren't racing or anything. I am wishing I was in better condition but I guess I can't expect too much. I need to make it to the weekly rides more often. I come away feeling revived and humbled. You know, just when you think you're getting faster someone comes along and shows you that you're not fast enough. That's good to have on so many levels. So, tonight was a wake up call for me. The surgery is past. The pain is gone. Now, get working harder. Eat better. Get more sleep. But, still keep my priorities in check.

Well, I have rambled on for too long. Later.


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