Sunday, April 06, 2008

a little peace.....

Took a nice ride around Sweets Marsh today. A little Dyke riding. The water was covered with geese and duck of all ages. Very nice sight indeed. I met a couple of geese who were not so happy to see me. Oh well. I think they'll get over it.
I have been feeling pretty good on the bike this past week. Took a little break today and just enjoyed the ride. Not too much effort until is started raining.

Bike Tech had a good showing at the race. Nice work guys.



bluecolnago said...

sweets is awesome!

Captain Bob said...

Somedays it is really breathtaking.....sort of has an abandoned look and feel.

Next time you're in Readlyn call me, we'll ride over there.

indianideas said...

after looking at the your photos, I can say that you are living in heaven and enjoying the life, all the best for your future.