Friday, April 25, 2008

two words......RAIN STOP!

Two foot of water in the basement is not so bad.....unless you're a fish. The rain water is litererly coming in through the basement steps and walls. Doesn't look like the drain can keep up. I do have a submersible sump pump with a garden hose I will be hooking up soon. That should bring the water down. Then I should only have to run it for a little bit every now and then. Thankfully we do not really keep anything in the basement. Oh wait. Pam's Christmas Trees are down there. Crap! They are made with a nice wooden trunk that will most likely lose it's bark.
This might just ruin this years Trans Ia also. Not to mention the Decorah TT that I was planning to race. I am betting it will be unridable.

Ok. Back to work on the basement.


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bluecolnago said...

that basement does not look like fun! i know that soe people were being told not to pump the water out due to the possibility of walls collapsing. i hope it's all better now!