Sunday, April 13, 2008

spring cleaning......Finally!

Well, this weekend was one of those "on-call" weekends for Pam. She hasn't had to go in too many times so that gave us all a little family time outside. All the girls were able to clean out one of the flower gardens. Madee and Ella were able to work the ground in the sandbox and I was able get some Blue Bird houses hung. I even groomed my backyard singletrack a bit.

Gotta love this weather. I plan to get in some gravel road miles Monday night. Planning to leave the house around 8pm. I need at least an hour ride in. The plan is to get some good intervals in. There are a few hills on my loop that I plan to attack. I have trouble pushing myself on solo rides so I plan to change that. Some might even call that "training behind the barn." Maybe I will start doing that.

Get out and ride.

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