Monday, April 07, 2008

seeing things......

Ever get the feeling that you're seeing things? Things that don't seem true? I did during my last ride. Sometimes I feel like I am just flying down the path and yet the computer tells me that I am slow. Sometimes I feel slow but the computer tells me I am clipping along pretty fast. I am pretty sure it's not the computer that is off though. It's just me. I suppose there are a few factors that play into it. Mostly my fitness and how I feel that particular day. I also think I feel slower when riding on a 29er versus a 26er even though I am actually riding faster. It must have something to do with being more stable. Oh well. Either way you look at it sometimes it messes with my mind. Almost like the computer is giving you a dirty look. A look that makes you think you are going crazy. But you're not. Maybe I shouldn't have taken cold medicine before writing this blog entry. Just maybe.

No matter what the speed you are riding at just make sure to have fun doing it.


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bluecolnago said...

that pic scares me, brother... :)