Tuesday, March 31, 2009

when will the busy end.........

Last weekend Pam was able to get away for the weekend for some girl time. Her and her cousins, aunt and mother headed down to Iowa City for the weekend. they bargain shopped till they dropped. So, that left Mr. Mom in charge for three whole days. The girls and I didn't do anything crazy. Just had a good time hanging out. I was able to step out for a two hour ride on Saturday while the girls were off to swim lessons. A friend who takes their child offered to take mine for me. Cool! So I headed over to Sweets Marsh. The trails are finally drying up and it was a nice time. Had mix of gravel, pavement and double track.

I am hoping to get out Wed night with Cuz and Craig. We'll see what the weather does. Should be a good time though. We will all three be on single speed 29ers.


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bluecolnago said...

sweet's looks tough, buddy!