Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pulling the plug......

Well, I had to pull the plug on the CIRREM. Sore arm, weak body and now the flu. Came home early Tuesday and going in late today. It disappoints me a little but I know there will be other races this year. After all, this wasn't even on my radar until I heard about it. My plans are still focused around mountain bike races, but this race would have been good training. I would hate to get though half of the CIRREM and find myself not able to finish. Then, I would have to find a way back to the start.

Oh well, maybe next year.



Guitar Ted said...

Get well soon! I wondered why I didn't see you yesterday. Rode the Ranier in just for you. (There will be another day for that!)

Captain Bob said...

Thanks Ted, feeling better today. Can't wait to see the Rainier.