Sunday, March 01, 2009

ups and downs.....

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was filled with an up and a down. I was lucky enough to only have to wear the cast for three weeks. However, I was surprised at how weak my entire arm is. The wrist is the main issue now. I went out for a quick single speed ride on Saturday. Well, let's just say I should have stayed home. I was cold, sore, cold, weak and sore. And old. I couldn't put out any effort to speak of without blowing up within seconds. We're not talking sprints either. I couldn't even muster up the energy to keep a 20mph pace for more than 1/2 mile. I headed home after 9 miles. I was cooked. Really down too.

Then, Sunday after church my loving wife was suppose to be out of town but her plans changed due to a pinched nerve in her shoulder. She said I should get on my gear after lunch and head out for another ride. Really? Why? She was feeling pretty rough and decided to sleep for a while with the kids. So, I decided to head out even though I really should have been home taking care of her. This time on a cross bike I sort of built with extra parts I had laying around. At least I have a few bail out gears today. Turns out I was in store for a nice day on the bike. I was going to head over to Sumner and back which would make a 30 mile loop but decided to stick with the 20 mile loop. I felt much better. Not as cold either. So, back in the saddle was good to me on Sunday. Wait, I guess not all good. I was bombing along pretty quickly and came across a washboard section in the middle of the gravel road and then it happened. I didn't time a little wheelie just right and jarred my wrist when the wheel came down harder than I had planned. Popped my hand right off the hood. Nothing crazy happened. I didn't wreck or even steer off course but it reminded me of how weak this limb still is. It still hurts me right now as I type this blog and it's 10:45pm.

It worries me a lot when I think ahead to next Sunday and the CIRREM. Right now, I would have to say that I shouldn't race it. I am not bailing out yet but the thought is sticking with me. I guess I hate to put my family in a state of worry. I really don't want to have a LONG drive at an EARLY time and get in the middle of the race and then have to bail and pedal back due to a wrist that I already know could be an issue. This sort of thing could really put a damper on my spring mountain bike racing if I were to really hurt it. I know that racing a rigid single speed mountain bike will takes it toll on me this year but I want to at least start fresh.

Oh well, enough over thinking this for today. I am headed to bed. Oh, and I am not proof reading this so if it stinks, oh well. Sorry in advance.


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