Friday, March 13, 2009

No Photoshop Friday today...........

Ok, last night I was working frantically on todays post. After about an hour I was putting the final touches on the finished product in Photoshop guessed it, locked up on me!! You're freakin kidding me! I was mad enough to not want to start fresh so nothing for today.

However, I will not leave you empty handed. My youngest daughter Ella always comes to the rescue. The other night Pam asked me if I was messing around with her Sudoku puzzle. Not me. Then we went in for a closer look and realized that someone had been counting the numbers. You can see a couple of the numbers make sense but the majority of them are just numbers in order. Those would be the ones Ella added. Pretty funny. It's so neat to see our 4 yr old writing so well and getting the counting thing down pretty well too. Oh my, how they grow so fast.

Happy Friday folks!


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