Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

It was a busy eventful weekend. The kids and myself were suppose to take a quick trip up to Wi to see G'pa but he had to work Saturday at the last minute. Pam was on call all weekend so she wasn't able to go but since we couldn't either it was nice to not have to leave her behind. So, I played in the garage and the girls played outside., all day! It was great. I even had a visitor named Guitar Ted. He stopped over with his little lady (daughter) and while Ted and I talked bikes all afternoon the girls played. Actually, they dug in the sandbox, pea gravel, mud and more mud. Those girls had a great time. Thanks for coming over Ted, it's always nice to have you over, anytime!

I did get a ride in on Saturday but it was just a quick 20 mile sprint. I felt really good. Wrist is getting stronger and legs felt good.

I rode with my oldest daughter on Sunday afternoon. While I pulled the youngest girl in the Burley Madee rode on her own bike. We went to the paved road and back which is a rather hilly mile stretch. She was so proud that she rode a 2 mile TT. It was a good time. While she was riding along she was also watching for animal tracks. We spotted a few deer tracks and stopped to take a closer look. It was a nice time had by all.

I wished for more riding this weekend but I will take good times with friends and family ove riding anytime.


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Guitar Ted said...

Thanks for having us over. It really was a great day for us too.