Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Monday morning I had to drop the car off at the wheel alignment place in Waterloo before work. Since I didn't have another ride to work from the shop I decided to toss in the bike. It's been years since I was able to ride my bike to work. My schedule of dropping off and picking up kids doesn't allow 2 hr commute one way. With the shop only being three or so miles from my work what better chance would I have? It was a beautiful morning. I followed part of the Cedar River Trail over by Mid American energy and was able to see the sun rise. The morning sun was casting a nice reflection on the river. It was nice time to clear my head before starting the day. I can see how commuting has it's rewards but I would be hard pressed to give up the car, even if I lived in town.

We also had our first Camp meeting of the Spring season. Lots of laughs and quite a bit of items on the agenda were covered. I will pass along more updates on the topics later in the week if I remember. All in all though it is always fun to get together with the other members of the board. Talking about bikes and events that include the use of bikes will most always be a great time. Paul M is missing from the below photo as he showed up just minutes later. Even if he were there when the photo was taken I still would have clipped him out due to my narrow lens. :-)

Have a great Tuesday!



john said...

Did I read that you camp folks got some money for the bridge across the creek? - I hope so. Keep up the good work.

Captain Bob said...

You did read that. I personally do not have a lot of the details though but there will be more soon. It is very exciting.