Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

So, no guesses on Macro Monday except for Gnat. Well, there are four things in the photo.

1. Half eaten beef stick.
2. Half eaten strawberry Poptart.
3. Advil.
4. Peanut butter cup.

More on that story tomorrow. It's pretty cool but I don't have enough time this morning to type it up.
Here is a picture of the wall at my desk. I like keeping happy things up at my work. Madelyn, my 8 yr old wrote me this letter. Click the image to make it big. Pretty cute. She made me the heart too. Ella, my 4 yr old made me the other picture. It's a flag in case you couldn't tell. Gotta love their efforts. It's so nice to know they love me.

Made it out for a ride Monday after work. Got in around 20 miles. Still wrist pain but not quite as bad as the weekend. Night off tonight so we'll see what Wed brings. Legs felt better too so that's good. I was rolling back through Tripoli and saw this opened car trunk and wouldn't you know it, they guy had a Salsa Selma frame just laying there. I ran back home to get my car and when I made it back to town the Selma was gone. I should have snagged it when I had the chance. Hmm, oh well.

Have a great Tuesday.



Travel Gravel said...

Actually, I'd take the car over the frame. Is that a Rambler? Crosley? What? Is it yours?

bluecolnago said...

i like the car, too... tough choice.

i like the letter and the flag and heart from the girls. that's good stuff.

Captain Bob said...

No clue what car it is. Found it on google images and stole it.

You got it Blue. Good stuff.