Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So busy at work these days.......

You guys ever get so busy at work that you almost hate looking at the computer at home? I am there this week. Well, actually I was there last week too. Hopefully next will bring me a break from my workload at the office and my blog will reflect it. I can't wait for some unique and inspiring thoughts to spill out of me. Bare with me this week on the boring posts. I am out of town on Thursday and may not have time for a Photoshop Friday but I will try. Might not be home until really late Thursday night.

Ok, enough of my crying about how busy I am and get back to complaining about the weather! Ha!

If you know anyone interested in a cheap single speed mountain bike have them get a hold of me. It will be ugly but in good working order. Size will be for about a 6 foot tall person. Should have it complete in about a week.


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